About the project

Welcome to the project website for Conflict, Memory and Displacement, a research project about responses to global conflict and the consequences of global conflict in the UK and Italy.

The project explored how people in the UK and Italy make sense of international conflict and how this understanding shapes attitudes to those displaced by conflict. We are examined the representation of conflict and of the impact of conflict through media representations, official and popular discourses, and institutional and citizen initiatives.

The aims of the research were to explore:
• how people in the UK and Italy use mainstream and social media to inform their
understanding of conflicts, displacement and the role of political institutions, and how
these understandings shape attitudes to displaced people.
• how displaced people memorialise conflict from afar and what impact have their
processes of remembering had on understandings of global conflict.
• how creative methods can be used to articulate alternative accounts of conflicts, the
asylum process and the role of political institutions.

The project included:

  • A survey about media use and understandings of global conflict;
  • Analysis of media representations of global conflict;
  • Memory and discussion work with people displaced by conflict;
  • The creation of an online exhibition and theatrical script created in collaboration with people displaced by conflict.

    See here for more information about the methods we used.

See here for the key findings of the research.






Conflict Memory Displacement final report

The project is funded by an AHRC Innovation Award, connected to the PACCS Conflict Theme, Award reference AH/N008200/1.